The EnviroTrend® concept was born over a bottle of champagne in 2006 after spotting a gap in the market - the lack of attractive "green" bags. While being environmentally conscious was always important to founder Janina Byrne, she was not fussed on toting around ordinary green bags - especially outside the supermarket! EnviroTrend's® first product, the EnviroShopper™ was designed as a stylish alternative to supermarket green bags and was an instant hit.

The philosophy of EnviroTrend® is to reduce unnecessary waste by spreading the environmental message through creative design and quality environmentally friendly products. EnviroTrend® is all about taking the hassle out of reducing plastic bag usage with practical, affordable and compact products. 

The next time you give a gift, think about using one of our bags they make a great alternative to gift wrapping. You'll be giving a gift that keeps on giving.

Realising that shoppers are prone to forgetting their 'green bags' at home or in the car, brought about the development of the SAKitToMe™ Bag. Understanding that modern life is hectic, SAKitToMe™ bags can be clipped to your keyring so you won't be caught out with a bag again. The bags are durable and can be used for so much more than the shopping, one is never enough!

In late 2011 EnviroTrend® launched the PAKitToMe™ compact backpack. Everyone needs a backpack, but where is it when you are not using it? Cluttering up the back of your door, kicked under the bed or worse still full of stuff that you need to unpack before you can use it? The PAKitToMe™ backpack is no bigger than a snack sized packet of crisps when folded, but folds out into a generously sized backpack – perfect for sport and leisure.

Our love of the practicality of the compact SAKitToMe™ and PAKitToMe™ (and the constant rain!!), sparked the idea of the SPLASHitToMe™ Raincoats. Perfect for travel, sport and leisure, SPLASHitToMe™, folds into its pocket and will keep you dry in even the most torrential rain. Keep one in the Kids’ schoolbags for the inevitable pick up time downpour.

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